SMSF Audits

Why Choose Audit Australia?

At Audit Australia we have addressed all your needs for using our services:

  • Auditor Independance - by sending your super audits to us you are guaranteed auditor independence.
  • Open Communication - by communicating with you throughout the audit process you stay informed of the progress of your audits.
  • Professional, Friendly Service & Advice - our professional friendly advice can assist you in preparing for your audits and the administration of your funds.
  • High Quality Audit Programs - our audit programs are constantly reviewed and updated to ensure high quality audit results every time.
  • Honesty & Integrity - our commitment to you is honesty and integrity in all of our dealing with you.
  • Fast Efficient Service - a 10 day turnaround on most self managed superannuation fund audits.
  • Competitive Fee Structure - our 4 tiered fee structure is detailed below with audits ranging from $250 + GST to $650 + GST.
  • Australia Wide Service - we carry out all self managed superannuation fund audits here in Australia and accept your files by our secure online portal, e-mail, CD, flash drive and posted hard copy.


At Audit Australia we operate using a flat fee structure for our SMSF audits. Our tiered approach depends on how many transactions have occurred in the fund's bank account and also what type of investments the fund holds. This means there are never any surprises when it comes to receiving your audit bill!

Description Price
First year fund with investments limited to Listed Shares, Widely Held Listed Unit Trusts, Cash and Managed Funds.
  • Less than 15 bank account transactions.
$250.00 + GST
Investments limited to Listed Shares, Widely Held Listed Unit Trusts, Cash and Managed Funds.
  • Up to 45 bank account transactions.
$350.00 + GST
Investments limited to Real Estate, Listed Shares, Widely Held Listed Unit Trusts, Cash and Managed Funds.
  • Up to 60 bank account transactions.
$400.00 + GST
Funds with other investments including Loans, Limited Recourse Borrowing, Artwork, Gem Stones, Gold, Silver and other Exotic Investments. Investments in auditted or verified unlisted unit trusts.
  • In excess of 60 bank account transactions.
$500.00 + GST
Investments in un-auditted or un-verified unlisted unit trusts or partnerships. $650.00 + GST

What We Need

In order to complete your audit fast please have these files ready to send through to us. Please note this is not an exhaustive list and we may contact you for further documentation if required.

  • Trust Deed of Fund
  • Investment Strategy & Minutes
  • Financial Statements & Member Statements
  • Bank Statements
  • Term Deposit Statements (if applicable)
  • Managed Fund Statements (if applicable)
  • Dividend & Holding Statements (if applicable)
  • Property Title Search & Purchase Contract (if applicable)
  • Rental Statments & Lease Agreement (if applicable)
  • Change in Market Value & Profit at Market Value Calculations
  • Capital Gains Tax Calculation & Supporting Documentation (if applicable)
  • Invoices/Receipts Evidencing Payments
  • General Ledger
  • Actuarial Certificate (if applicable)
  • Income Tax Return & Calculation
  • Contact Details of Contributing Employers (if applicable)
  • Any other relevant information / workpapers

SMSF Audit Request Form

If you are happy with our fee structure and have all your documents ready to be audited we can get started! This is how it's done:

  • Complete the Audit Request form below.
  • From the information on the form we will issue letters for you to sign and return to us.
  • Upon receipt of the signed letters we will request documents from you in order to complete the audit.
  • Once we have recieved all documentation we will begin the audit, it should then be complete within 10 business days(you will be informed if we require more time.)
If you have any issues completing the form, please simply Contact Us.
  • SMSF Audit Request Form

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  • Administration

  • Name of the Accounting firm.
  • Name of whom to contact regarding the audit.
  • Phone number of the contact.
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  • Fund Details

  • Complete name of the fund.
  • Full ABN with no spaces.
  • Financial year being audited.
  • Please advise us if there is any due date for the audit.
  • Name of Corporate Trustee
  • Full ACN with no spaces
  • Address of Trustees.

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